ICETRO Warranty Coverage/Explanation

ICETRO Ice Machine Warranty covers:

  1. The repair or replacement, including labor charges, of parts or assemblies that in ICETRO’s opinion are faulty due to a defect in materials or workmanship during the period covered by the parts and labor warranty.
  1. The replacement, excluding labor charges, on specific components that, in the opinion of ICETRO, are faulty due to a defect in material or workmanship during the period covered by the Parts Only Warranty.
  1. ICETRO reserves the right to deny claims for parts and labor that in ICETRO’s opinion did not fail as a result of a defect in material or workmanship.

The labor rate shall include standard straight time labor charges at the product location and shall exclude charges for travel time, mileage, freight, shipping or other premium charges, unless prior authorization is received from ICETRO Technical Support. Any labor service required to fulfill the warranty obligation must be performed by a refrigeration service company qualified and accepted by ICETRO and/or the authorized ICETRO Distributor.

The warranty does not include parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damage resulting from:

  • External electrical power failure or incorrect wiring to the product for any reason.
  • External water supply failure or plumbing problems to the product for any reason.
  • External drain line failure.
  • External filter failure or plugged.
  • Damage as a result of storm, flood, fire, or other Acts of God, or adverse operation conditions, as set forth in the Owner/User Manual of the product.

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  • Parts that fail due to heavy scale or mineral buildup, or trash and sediment in the water.
  • Failures due to lack of normal routine preventative maintenance.
  • Unauthorized modification or alteration of the system or components from the factory design


Proper registration must be completed within 30 days of the installation/startup date.

Registration of ICETRO Ice Machines is very important to the customer, dealer, distributor and to ICETRO. Proper registration will help to insure our customers of warranty service on their ice machine. This information also helps us to determine the location of the ice machine for the purpose of future maintenance needs and service bulletins to help keep the machines running efficiently for many years.

Equipment registration can be done in one of two ways. The first is through our website at In the event that on-line registration is not possible, a registration card has been provided as an optional method for equipment registration. Be sure to complete the warranty registration with the installation/startup date and add a stamp before mailing. If the unit is not registered properly on-line or by using the registration card, the ship date to the distributor in our warranty records will be used for warranty determination.

Improper or non-registration can cost you, the customer, many months of deserved warranty coverage.

“OVER THE COUNTER” PARTS WARRANTY “Over the counter” warranty applies to parts sold for out of warranty units. Warranty for “Over the Counter” parts is limited to the replacement of the part only. Labor and/or freight charges are not covered. 1. All over the counter parts have a 90 day warranty except those listed below. a. Compressors, Flaker auger and Gear motors, Evaporators and AirCooled Condenser coil. These parts carry a 1 year “Over the Counter” warranty. To process claims for this type of warranty refer to the following procedure. 1. Complete a Warranty Labor Claim Form. In the body of this claim write “Over the Counter Warranty”. Include the model and serial number of the ice machine the part was installed on. 2. Attach a copy of the original part purchase invoice. 3. Attach a copy of the replacement part purchase invoice. 4. Return the part, claim form and invoices following the normal claim form procedure outlined in this document.


All defective parts replaced under warranty should be returned to the distributor, unless authorized to field scrap, along with the completed warranty labor invoice (original and one copy). You should not scrap defective warranty parts unless approved. Care must be taken to protect the defective part from additional damage since ICETRO Quality Control will do a detail analysis to try and determine what caused the failure. This provides us with information to help improve the quality of our products.

Follow these guidelines when returning defective parts:

  1. Do not cut a bin control capillary tube, thermistor, float or motor leads to make them easy to remove. These parts cannot be tested unless they are intact and warranty credit could be denied.  A. – All electrical motors must have at least 4 inches of wire remaining to allow testing. Please ensure that all identification labels remain on the wire leads.
  1. Any accessory parts such as start components provided with the replacement part must be returned along with the defective part.
  1. Returned compressors must be sealed to prevent oil leakage during transportation. Failure to seal compressors will result in a charge of $100.00 for sealing and for clean crating or the claim may be denied.
  1. All returned parts must be listed on the invoice and also tagged with a material return tag. Small parts should be returned in an envelope or zip bag with the tag attached to the outside to protect the part from loss or additional damage.


Copies of the original warranty claim form should be clean, clear and legible.

Inquires: If you have questions concerning a claim, your invoice number should be used for reference.

The routing for inquiries should be through the local distributor first to resolve any questions or disputes. If questions remain, the second step is through the ICETRO Warranty Department at 714-215-4864. Be sure to have all pertinent

information available for any inquiries.